Pulseway - Remote Access

PC Solutions now offers a remote monitoring and management service called Pulseway Lite, it is a select version of Pulseway’s full management service software.

What is Pulseway Lite?

Pulseway Lite allows us to monitor your systems for critical events, such as; anti-virus becoming outdated, firewalls being disabled, unintentional installations, or removal of software. We can also perform all of your updates remotely, and manage many other required tasks.

We are offering 3 Pulseway Lite Packages to suit your needs.

Package 1, Robust Remote Access, Windows Updates $5/month, or $50/year
Package 2, Robust Remote Access, Windows Updates, System Monitoring Up to 5 Events $8/month, or $80/year
Package 3, Robust Remote Access, Windows Updates, System Monitoring Up to 5 events, Monthly Health Inventory & Report $10/month, or $100/year

All Package Prices are Per Device, and Billed Annually
Packages for Servers + $3/month, or $30/year (Call for more info on Server Packages)

picture of smart phone, tablet, and laptop computer running Pulseway Lite

System Monitoring by PC Solutions

Pulseway Lite enables PC Solutions to remotely monitor your systems. It allows us to apply critical updates, restart systems, and be your IT Hero from virtually anywhere! We can even notify you in the event of suspicious installations, or unnoticed activity taking place on your systems.

Automated Maintenance & Tasks

By using Pulseway Lite, PC Solutions is able to save you valuable time, through automating daily maintenance tasks, and much more.

*Pulseway allows remote operations by PC Solutions, although we will be able to perform required maintenance these packages do not include real time monitoring, or management.

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